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Hytera America, Inc. and Voceon Digital Radio Communications Provide Two-Way Radios to National Relief Organization Texas Baptist Men
October 18, 2017


Hytera America, Inc. And Voceon Digital Radio Communications Provide Two-Way Radios To Houston Companies Affected By Hurricane Harvey
September 12, 2017


The Development of Digital Two Way Communication
February 10, 2017
Hytera Radios

Radio communication dates back to the early 20th century when two way signals were wirelessly transmitted across the Atlantic Ocean. The technology; first used on ships; enabled those at sea to communicate with contacts on land. By 1912 all ships were carrying transmitters and receivers. Ten years later, the Australian police began using two way radios in place of telephone boxes. The first sets were quite large; taking up the entire back seat of a patrol car.

Over time, two way radios became more compact, powerful and easy to use. They were used on aircrafts, and heavily used in World War II. At the time, all signals operated on the same frequency. Only one station could transmit at a time, while others listened. Despite these obstacles, simultaneous transmission and reception occurred by using equipment tuned to different frequencies. During the war, transmissions were made in Morse code.

Today, two way communication is used in all facets of life. Digital communication is used in the military, in business, in hospital systems, colleges, manufacturers and distributors to name a few. Todays analog two way radios typically have 14 channels, while DMR offers two voice parts per channel which allows simultaneous transmissions to occur. Digital trunking allows radio channels to be used by multiple user groups with excellent background noise cancellation.

Mobile and stationary digital communication are available, and hand held devices are small, rugged, and durable. They are usable in high risk environments such as oil rigs and factories. They are an essential tool in providing safety at large sporting events, festivals or political gatherings. They are also safe and usable in natural disasters and emergency situations.


Hytera BD502 Radio
Hytera Radios

The only thing that makes massive holiday shipping volume manageable is communication. Warehouses of all sizes rely on that communication like no other. The Hytera BD502 is our answer to the question “How” asked by warehouse managers and coordinators around the country this time every year. The radio is the one vital piece of equipment universal to warehouse managers, packers and shippers. The BD502 is the one radio that can provide everything they require in versatility, durability, and reliability.

Your facility’s personnel rely on durable and unobtrusive communication equipment with power that can last an entire workday. Hytera’s BD502 is an open-standard DMR with quality of clarity unparalleled in the noisiest warehouses. But even exceptional clarity won’t make a difference if the call never comes through. The BD502 radios detect the incoming signal type and automatically switch to the analog or digital mode to receive. They are highly receptive, increasing range of communication and ensure that communication with built-in features like Anti-Interference, DMR Signaling and Repeater Mode Operation. BD502 radios boast of many other helpful features as well. When switching channels in low/no light, Voice Announcement makes the switch quickly and correctly while the Vox feature allows you hands free use of the microphone.

Perhaps the most useful feature of all in these high traffic times is Dual Capacity Direct Mode that permits two calls at the same time. And yet despite the heft of its capabilities, this small package weighs in at 8 oz. though equipped with a battery that powers 22 hours of digital mode use. The design is remarkably slim and yet the slim design has all the rugged durability you need because in addition to complying with MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G standards, it is IP54 (5: Protected against general exposure to dust, 4: Protected against light exposure to water). Durability like this assures you outstanding performance for years so no time is lost with repairs or replacements. Time is the most limited resource there is during the holidays and BD502 radios offer all the most advanced communication technology available to guarantee that not a moment is lost. Simply, this device is everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Warehouses are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of operations. There is never a limit to the demands that personnel, operations and technology require. The Hytera BD502 is built to address those demands. It’s the radio that can make a transition from analog to digital possible while retaining all of the convenient analog features you may be used to and offering some conveniences in digital communication you may not be. But you should. For your sake, your staff’s and the millions of shippers this holiday season, you deserve all the help you can get. You deserve the BD502 radio.

If you’d like to get more information on what it can do for you, contact us.