Utilities & Government
Reliable solutions to provide area coverage for utilities and government agencies.
Utilities and governments digital radios


Utilities and government agencies are increasingly important to the development and stability in a community.  Efficient communications and data-driven solutions can help a utility or government agency manage their team and perform their work faster, safer, and more effectively.  Many of the communication systems currently in place, however, are obsolete and fail to address the needs of technology driven operations.  For this reason, many of these agencies are turning to radio manufacturers for a more efficient digital communication solution with expanded data capabilities. 

Utility companies and governmental agencies demand seamless coverage in complicated environments, such as mountain ranges, large wooded areas, high steel buildings, underground structures, and tunnels. These areas have blind zones which are generally small but essential for complete coverage. Hytera has developed solutions to ensure that all of these challenges are addressed for flawless day-to-day operations.
Electric Power   Waste & Environmental
Electric power

Reliable communication solutions to provide expansive area coverage for utilities.

  waste and environmental

Rugged and reliable digital communication solutions with advanced protection against environmental elements.

Water & Sewage   Winter Services
water and sewage

Rugged and reliable digital communication solutions offering protection against water and dirt.

  winter services

Reliable digital communication solutions with advanced protection against water and dirt.

Correctional Facilities    
correctional facilities

Radio communications and data solutions both inside and outside at correctional facilities, to ensure safety for inmates and employees.