Two-Way Radio Rentals

Voceon offers short term two way radio rentals for temporary replacements, special events, grand openings, seasonal businesses, equipment trials and disaster recovery efforts. All of our two-way communication radios for rent are portable, digital and commercial class. Contact us today to get a quote on two way radio rentals.

Two-Way Radio Rentals2-Way Radio Rental Options
We offer high quality commercial grade digital two way radios for rent. Depending on the usage, area, duration and quantity of your rental needs, Voecon has many options available:
• 2 way radios for rent daily, weekly or monthly
• Dedicated channels
• Radio repeaters for rent to extend coverage area + serve as a base station

Reasons to Rent Two-Way Radios:
We rent two way radios for a variety of reasons. These include:
• Temporary replacements for lost or broken equipment
• Equipment trials for 2-way radios
• Special events that require coordination and communication among team members
• Rapid expansion of workforce
• Seasonal business
• New location opening
• Emergency situation or disaster recovery efforts

The most common reason organizations seek 2 way radio rentals is for one-time large scale events (both private and public). Voceon rents radios to corporations, not-for-profits and local government municipalities for parades, carnivals, concerts, festivals, marathons, picnics, grand openings and conventions.

Contact Voceon's experts today to get a quote on two-way radio rentals.