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Custom Solutions

Voceon and its affiliates have been some of the top two-way communication solutions providers in their markets for well over fifty years.

Check out our product offerings below, and visit the Service & Repair page for more information on the service options that Voceon provides.

DMR Portables

Voceon offers a vast range of DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) portables to cover nearly any application or need. From the light, compact Hytera BD3i series—designed for ease of use in indoor environments—to the impermeable, explosion-proof PD792i-Ex, Voceon has a radio for everyone.

DMR Mobiles

Need rugged, reliable radios for desktop or in-vehicle use? Let Voceon supply you with a perfect custom solution from our extensive line of Hytera DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) mobiles.


Voceon offers popular and effective Hytera repeaters and various DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) Applications which ensure users optimize their radio subscribers with intelligent and intuitive software. Our smart solutions help organizations monitor, manage, and communicate quickly and efficiently with radio users to improve safety and response times.


From speaker mics to earpieces, batteries to antennas, and so much more, Voceon has you covered!

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